This question is and will be linked to a reconsideration of the acquisition and efficiency problems in the light of the ideas that we have issued on 1’Education and techniques.

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Results and Prospects for peer into the future, is the invitation of activists Freinet for the holidays with: The Certificate of Education A new psychology for a new pedagogy tests the subconscious and psychoanalysis the ideas of Alain renovation of education in the cities tHE CPCE new Studies certificate has just taken place. We who were the instigators of some of the reforms that we made this year’s experience, we need to study long and hard during the coming year, the new organization.

This question is and will be linked to a reconsideration of the acquisition and efficiency problems in the light of the ideas that we have issued on 1’Education and techniques. Indeed, we have to go up a current that is hostile to us and which is rooted in the mistakes – the point of social and popular view – new education movement we claim sometimes.

Indeed, as a reaction against a school too sacrificed the formation of the individual to the formal acquisition, there was a tendency to practice the opposite. I know certainly that the training facilitates and strengthens the acquisition, but we sometimes forget that the acquisition and mastery of techniques are also very marked natural tendencies in children who love to read and learn to read, who love and learn to count count, who want to know about them.

There is a rehabilitation and the acquisition of the techniques we have to try, cautiously, we constantly had based on the real needs revealed by experience, rehabilitation that will change our teaching position vis-a-vis the exams well including. The performance, competition, are sought by children, as we know.

When working for a year of deep and broad way, we gave an excellent foundation for training that requires school, I do not think it is so bad, pedagogically, to make for some month some technical training, to the children to measure standards, do face trials, we just still practicing this training and we feel he did not do harm to children , on the contrary. But this, because he followed the normal and educational work of a whole year.

We do not believe we wanted here, for I know not what propaganda rehabilitate the jam to sports patent, our children have understood the need to train for a few days to the expected standard, they are it given a good heart, and successfully. Why this success? because, during the year with our lives so active, through work, for health, they gained strength, agility and power which, disciplined by exercise, overwork drive without the desired result . There is a well for the certificate of studies: a good deep preparation during the year and methodical training according to expected standards.

Then there will be neither overworked nor jam or anti-pedagogic effort. It takes just as we came to understand the need, soundness and efficiency of the process. We will try to then enter the exam itself a bit of this sporting spirit that makes it confronts men in the competitions, we shook hands and we know the winner admit the superiority and failures.

Here we touch a sensitive issue, we know, because it is related to the exaggerated pride of parents and scrunch this pride can be a serious risk to the teacher. Question we would like to see discussed by interested because, personally, I am not placed in the same conditions and I agree very well that children in the tests proved unable to face the examination may, however, s’ they wish to compete with their peers to feel their weaknesses and understand the necessity of the new effort.

When we have justified
this kind of training, we have to prove the efficiency of our techniques is effective, it is equal – and certainly higher than other techniques, and even on the acquisition plan and examinations, we can safely, we measure with other schools. The survey covered here better than reasoning. We ask our comrades who presented children C.E.P.E. kindly respond without fail to the small survey below.

To save you unnecessary costs, we have provided the opportunity to answer it without stressing write. Underline or frame numbers to answer questions; put your name and mail as printed 0 fr. 30. SURVEY RESULTS C.E.P.E. ……………………………………………… ………………………………………………

School department Number of students presented: 1 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9-10 – 12.11.13 – 14 to 15 – pupil received: 12 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – (enclose the number that answers) There will also examine to what extent changes to the review seem to be improvements. The calculation thus understood – and we gave the idea – seems a great advance; dictation has not been sufficiently stripped of words unknown to the child; blocking issues science, geography and history as we wanted minimizes the importance of the history of race we rarely wanted to change.

Our comrades will speak. And finally we come to understand how we practice and efficient and the importance we attach to the legitimate concerns of educators. So last fall the barriers that hinder the good ready will, moreover, to join us.

NEW PSYCHOLOGY, REVELATION AND BASIS OF NEW EDUCATION We have already mentioned several times: as we change the conditions of education and acquisition, we progressively eliminate the dangers and deviations from Scholastic, the the child appears to us in a new light, that poets sometimes had left us guessing but that psychology systematically ignored.